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Joseph Eori President of Big’s Sanitation & Trucking along with his son Joseph Jr. are the perfect example of a family owned and operated company. With over 35 Years of experience in the garbage business they understand the needs of the customers both retail and residential and how to adapt with the ever changing culture of the business.

Joseph Jr. is following in his fathers footsteps as the Vice President of Big’s Sanitation & Trucking. Joseph Jr. like his father has been around the garbage business his entire life. He understands all aspects of this business from throwing trash and driving the truck to maintaining customer relations and acquiring new business. He is the key member of expanding the retail side of this business.
Together Joseph Sr. and Joseph Jr. are working with their team to grow and expand this family owned and operated company. Both men are extremely family oriented and enjoy giving back to the communities in which they serve. With their solid business plan and their impeccable work ethic over the last decade they have built a company that proudly treats their customers and employees like family. Together they will strive in the future to continue expanding their company across all of Western Pennsylvania.